Road Trip

Palm Springs Welding Inc. is incredibly blessed to have developed relationships with some of the finest architects in the building industry.  One of these relationships created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in the construction of an absolutely unique custom residence in one of the most exclusive enclaves in the Pacific Northwest.

Kristi Hanson is one of the most well-known architects in the Coachella Valley, and is responsible for some of the most unique residences built locally.  Her progressive designs and imaginative architecture have captured the spirit of fine desert living.  We are proud to have partnered with local builders to bring many of her creations to life.  One of the families that had been inspired by Ms. Hanson commissioned her to design a showstopper to be built on Groat Point in Medina, Washington, right across Lake Washington from the Seattle skyline.  Because of our experience in interpreting and erecting Ms. Hanson’s designs, we were given consideration for this long distance project.

Our company was founded and has always been based in the resort community of Palm Springs, California.  We occasionally but rarely take on projects outside of the Coachella Valley (but always within Southern California).  Taking on any project outside of the Coachella Valley is a challenge, but this particular project was a choice for us to make our mark in an entirely new way.  Becoming a partner on a construction project in a new location is very similar to starting an entirely new business.  We were required to start from scratch as a new Washington state business.  We became a licensed contractor in the state of Washington, covered by local workers compensation, and requiring an entirely separate state registry and payroll.  We are a registered business in the state of Washington, paying taxes for the privilege.

Doing business so far away from our home base has been an unparalleled challenge, but well worth the risks and work involved.  This home is by far the most complicated and sophisticated we’ve been fortunate to be involved with.  We assembled a team of other companies to work through the complexities of the project.  The detailing process alone took several months, breaking new ground in 3D modeling and interpretation of detailed steel.  We developed a valued relationship with CHG in Seattle to implement the erection of the entire project under our supervision.  Three separate material rolling processors have participated in the production of the specialty rolled steel tubes that will be the signature of this house design when complete.  Truckloads of steel have moved from our warehouse in Southern California up to the job site along Lake Washington.

Our participation in this job is nearly complete.  It’s been over one year since we signed the contract on this job, and bringing this job to life has been an extremely educational and humbling experience.  It will also produce one of the largest sources of pride that we’ve ever been a part of.